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The Mission of the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation is to broaden the territory of the good and make the life of our society healthier and better. A big burden is not so heavy when propped up by hundreds of shoulders. 

We firmly believe that there are many people capable of doing good things. Relying on our own experience and using modern technologies, we create a strong and sustainable system of mutual assistance when kind-hearted people can help their neighbours for the common benefit, and can implement socially significant projects, doing it efficiently and to the best of their powers and resources.

As the saying goes, “God has no other hands than ours.” 
To pool together vigorous efforts of society and provide conditions for fruitful long-term cooperation to ensure better living for many people.

To create a platform bringing together those who need help and those who help.

To be where our help is really needed.

To take an active part in positive transformations of the social, educational and cultural spheres, i.e. those good sprouts that are able to transform our entire society, our present and future.

To contribute to the development of healthcare, the revival of spirituality and morality of our society, to take care of the generation to which we owe our lives and well-being — our veterans and pensioners.
People are the main value for the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation.

People who are able to see their neighbours’ griefs and come to help immediately.

People who can inspire and unite around them like-minded teammates for implementation of sizeable charity initiatives.

People who believe in the good and actively change the world.

People who need other people.

Areas of activity

Today, the Foundation’s projects cover the areas of healthcare, education, culture, awareness-raising initiatives, social assistance, religious life, and family as a social institution. The Foundation carries out its charitable activities along three main directions:

Healthcare programs

The Vadym Novynskyi Foundation pays special attention to helping people get access to healthcare services, primarily for the most vulnerable social categories: children, disabled people, and the elderly.  An important area of the Foundation’s activity is the support of Ukrainian clinics. We help with modern equipment, personal protective gear and COVID-19 express tests.
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Social charity

The Vadym Novynskyi Foundation provides its care to the most vulnerable categories of our fellow citizens in a systematic manner. 
We finance building and operation of orphanages and homes for the elderly. We buy foodstuff and hygiene products. We cooperate with children’s development centres and veteran organizations. We buy equipment for museums and cultural centres.
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Help to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

For many years, the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation has supported the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), its outreach activities, as well as its educational and social services.
We help church communities build new churches and restore unique churches belonging to the architectural heritage of Ukraine. We support the development of the Christian art, book publishing and missionary printed media.
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The Foundation allocates about UAH 250 million annually for the implementation of projects.


“People’s grief knows no borders, no language, and no other differences. It concerns everyone. And we ought to help all Ukrainians – both in Kherson and in Chernivtsi, as well as in the temporarily uncontrolled territories.” 

The Founder of the Foundation, Vadym Novynskyi

History of the Foundation


Since the outbreak of the full-scale aggression of the russian federation, the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation has reserved UAH 150 million for aid to Ukraine. For now, this amount has increased to UAH 250 million.
  • One of the key focus areas is help to Mariupol. Funds have been provided to cover the cost of fuel for evacuation buses, transport, foodstuff, medicines, accommodation of IDPs and much more. In total, the Foundation has spent more than UAH 25 million on assistance to Mariupol alone.
  • The Foundation has spent almost UAH 15 million on medical equipment for Zaporizhzhia hospitals. In particular, the healthcare facilities have been provided with a lung ventilator, three operating tables, two radiographic digital systems, two portable ultrasound scanning systems, three neonatal incubators for newborns, patient monitors, etc.
  • To meet the needs of Dnipropetrovsk region, USD 500,000 have been allocated through volunteer organizations for the purchase of medical supplies.
  • The Foundation responded to the call of Zaporizhzhia city authorities to provide financial assistance to its territorial defence units. USD 500,000 have been transferred to the account of the charity fund created for these needs. Using these financial resources, it is planned to purchase the necessary medical and individual protective equipment from proven European suppliers.


During the year, the Foundation successfully implemented more than 100 projects in the field of healthcare, protection of motherhood, childhood, family, and restoration of historical and cultural heritage, to the amount of more than UAH 300 million. It is important to highlight the following projects:
  • We continued to support projects related to overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic in Ukraine. In 2021, the Foundation allocated UAH 2.4 million for the purchase of special medical equipment and personal protective gear for doctors. It also purchased equipment for the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery and hospitals in Mariupol city. In addition, UAH 1.12 million were allocated to the families of nine doctors who died from COVID-19.
  • With the support of the Foundation, a modern healthcare centre St. Luke’s Clinic was opened at the Holy Ascension Banchen Monastery in the village of Bancheny, Chernivtsi region. Residents of all surrounding settlements can use the medical services offered by the centre.
  • The Foundation started cooperation with the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. As part of this cooperation, the Foundation provided the Institute with lung ventilators, heartbeat monitors for the intensive care and resuscitation department, and individual protective equipment for doctors. An advance payment was made for the delivery of a mobile X-ray unit to the Institute.
  • The Foundation purchased a special microscope for the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. It allows checking the compatibility of transplanted human organs. The microscope is efficiently used for urgent surgical operations on vital human organs and significantly increases the chances of successful transplantation.
  • A modern audiograph was purchased for Children’s Polyclinic in Chernivtsi, which helps perform hearing diagnostics with utmost accuracy.
  • With the assistance of the Foundation, more than 300 children and adults received the required medical assistance.


The Foundation’s main efforts were focused on overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine.
The Vadym Novynskyi Foundation was among the first to respond to the call of the Anti-Crisis Office under the President of Ukraine to provide help in fighting the pandemic. The total amount of charitable aid for this year made up UAH 265.1 million, of which over UAH 100 million were used for overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine.
Performance results for the year:
  • The Foundation purchased 20 lungs ventilators for healthcare facilities of Ukraine, as well as over 100,000 units of personal protective equipment for doctors and 100,000 high-precision PCR tests for residents of Ukraine.
  • In addition, the Foundation allocated UAH 2.6 million to the families of 26 doctors who died after contracting COVID-19 (each family received UAH 100,000 as financial support).
  • The Foundation completed setting up a hybrid operating room at the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Thanks to this, doctors perform heart operations using advanced minimally invasive and endovascular technologies. The cost of the equipment totals UAH 11.87 million.
  • The Foundation started its cooperation with the all-Ukrainian charitable organization "Mama i Nemovlya" (Mother and Baby) by co-financing emergency surgical and medical treatment of orphans and children deprived of parental care. During this period, thanks to the support promptly provided by the Foundation, the most complex operations were performed on 30 children.
  • The Foundation continued its traditional work on the revival and support of national cultural and orthodox heritage sites. More than UAH 76 million were allocated to the main project – the re-building of the Holy Trinity Church with a cultural and educational centre on Troyitska Square in Kyiv. Overall, with the support of the Foundation, the construction, repair, painting and restoration work was performed in more than 50 churches and religious sites in Ukraine.

2017 - 2019

During this period, more than UAH 388 million were spent on charity initiatives. The Foundation began the implementation of important projects that operate on a permanent basis. Namely:
  • Re-building of the Holy Trinity Church in Kyiv, destroyed during the Soviet years (near Olimpiyskyi Sports Complex).
  • Supporting the construction of the highest orthodox church in Ukraine – the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection in Mariupol.Implementation of an assistance program for the rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy. Every month, the Foundation covered the cost of treatment for 13-15 children and adults at Kozyavkin International Rehabilitation Clinic.
  • Financing the medical treatment of children with congenital heart defects. In 2017, the Foundation became a partner of the charity project Help the Heart Beat, which is implemented on the basis of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • In addition, with the support of the Foundation, the first all-Ukrainian orthodox youth festival Ortofest was held in Ukraine in 2018.

2014 - 2016

The Foundation engaged in addressing the problems of internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the area where the anti-terrorist operation took place. More than UAH 112 million were allocated for various resettlement programs and other initiatives.
  • Within the framework of the South East program, more than 1,400 children and adults were evacuated and resettled in sanatoriums and recreation facilities with the assistance of the Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation’s financial support, they were provided with food, clothing and basic necessities.
  • The Foundation implemented three humanitarian missions to Sievierodonetsk city that was affected by the military hostilities, delivering essential supplies to the residents of the city. The total tonnage of the cargoes was about 22 tons, and the humanitarian aid reached 4,500 people.
  • In addition, the Foundation purchased two portable lung ventilators for Odesa military hospital no. 61, two portable ventilators for Zaporizhzhia military hospital, as well as five ventilators and a mobile x-ray unit for Kharkiv military hospital.
  • During this period, the Foundation was taking permanent care of the children’s shelter (orphan home) at the Holy Ascension Banchen Monastery (Chernivtsi region).

2011 - 2013

During this period, the Foundation spent UAH 25.8 million on charity.
Among some significant projects, the following are worth mentioning:
  • There is Hope program. From 2011 to 2014, the Foundation provided comprehensive maintenance and ongoing repair of the equipment of the Kyiv Centre for Bone Marrow Transplantation, thus supporting the uninterrupted operation of the transplantation department. Thanks to the Foundation’s help, more than 140 bone marrow transplantations were performed during this period.
  • A project on the treatment of disseminated sclerosis. During its implementation period, from 2012 to 2014, the Foundation annually paid for symptomatic and restorative treatment of 100 working-age patients diagnosed with the disseminated sclerosis.
  • Since 2012, the magazine Familiya has been published based on the full support of the Foundation. It is a publication for families, as well as everyone who is interested in topics of relationships between people. The magazine is issued four times a year.

2008 - 2010

During the first three years of the Foundation’s activity, more than UAH 22.4 million were spent on charity. Among the important projects that started or were fully implemented during this period, the following can be highlighted:
  • Warm the Child with Love. This is the first project of the Foundation. Thanks to it, 10 large families raising 10 and more children were provided with housing. In the course of two years, all the families received the keys to the houses built for them.
  • The program for promotion of physical training and sports Sportyvna Krayina. The program was launched in 2008 and ended in 2014. Within its framework, joint projects were implemented with the Basketball Federation of Ukraine, SPARTA handball club, the international civil society organization Krayina Basketboliya, and the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.
  • Since 2009, with the full support of the Foundation, the orthodox youth magazine Otrok.UA began to be published. This is an exciting periodical that gives answers to questions of modern life from a believer’s perspective. The magazine is issued six times a year in Ukrainian and Russian.

Projects of the Foundation


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