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Humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens during the war

Since 24 February, the whole country has been acting as a united front in the struggle for victory of our Ukraine. The Vadym Novynskyi Foundation focused its efforts on the organization of assistance along all the important humanitarian strands, such as the evacuation of civilians, humanitarian food aid, medicines and essential supplies, provision of healthcare facilities, cooperation with volunteers, as well as assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and its territorial defence units.

About the project

Assistance to citizens from the Vadym Novynskyi Foundation during the armed hostilities in Ukraine

Comment from the founder of the Foundation Vadym Novynskyi:

“One of the main directions of our assistance is Mariupol. It is now an outpost of the entire Ukraine. We help organize the evacuation convoys from there via the humanitarian corridors.

We seek to meet all the requests from volunteers. We provide assistance to IDPs/refugees – and not only in Ukraine, but also abroad (in this regard, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which has its parishes outside of Ukraine, plays a special role). The church does a lot for ordinary people in all parts of Ukraine now.

We also have a separate support program for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whose members heroically defend our cities every day. This includes food, medicines, and much more.

We simply help and will continue to help in the volumes that Ukraine and Ukrainians will need to hold out in this challenging situation.”

The Foundation operates intensively under heavy workload every day and makes a great effort to ensure that its assistance reaches out to every place.

On this page, you can learn more about the Foundation’s daily assistance to Ukraine.

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