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Synodal Department for Youth Affairs of the UOC

About the project

About the project

The social mission of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the most important part of its overall mission, an effective expression of Christian love for your neighbour. 
Today, the Church is one of the major organizers of charitable activities in the country. Many of the church’s social projects are unique. 

The Synodal Department of the UOC for Social and Humanitarian Affairs provides its regular assistance everywhere — from west to east, from north to south of our country, including temporarily uncontrolled territories of Ukraine. It helps those in need, vulnerable social categories, such as large families, single mothers, families with disabled children, veterans, pensioners and homeless people. Including those who no longer receive help from anyone. 

The Synodal Department organized regional humanitarian aid centres in all dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, through which people regularly receive aid according to their essential needs. 

Thanks to the Synodal Department’s efforts, seminars and off-line internships are held for heads of diocesan social departments and social workers of parishes on a regular basis. This provides for raising their skill levels and scaling up successful practices. 

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The implementation of the project is suspended for the period of martial law in Ukraine.