The International Charitable Foundation in honor of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos handed over a diesel generator to the Shakhivska rural military administration

18 June 2024

In response to an appeal from the leadership of the Shakhovska rural military administration of Pokrovsky district, Donetsk region, the MBF in honor of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary handed over a diesel generator with a capacity of 30 kW. 

The director of the Foundation, Dmitriy Sergeev, received an appeal with a request to consider providing humanitarian aid for the Primary Health Care Center and the CNAP department of the Shakhovsky rural council. In his appeal, the leadership of the administration noted the need to ensure the continuous functioning of the Shakhovsky outpatient clinic and administrative building to provide quality services to citizens of Ukraine.
"Thank you for your labor for the benefit of Ukraine and hope for your support!" - reads the appeal.
And now the generator will provide uninterrupted operation of the outpatient clinic and the administrative building of the Shakhovsky rural council.

The Foundation expresses its gratitude for the trust and emphasizes its readiness to continue to support initiatives aimed at protecting and improving the living conditions of Ukrainian citizens.

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